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Jessica Watson-Thorp uses acrylic paint and ink combined with her passion for creativity to capture her personal experiences into memorable artworks. She is inspired equally by the physical landscape around her and her own memory and consciousness. Watson-Thorp invites her viewers to be part of the creative process by rendering her works as semi-abstract and leaving space for the imagination to grow.

Her work is evocative and ranges from colourful acrylics, which tackle themes of womanhood, regeneration and birth, often inspired by her own experiences as a mother, to more delicate ink on paper. These pieces access a spiritual dimension and are inspired by the natural and man-made environment around her. Watson-Thorp puts emphasis on tactile and textured brushstrokes to convey the rhythms of life and attempts to transport her audiences to a place within their own experience.

For Watson-Thorp, painting and making art is a burning desire, a passion and something she says she was “put on this earth to do”. She also believes that art can unite others and encourage empathy. “If we can fill the world with art, with creativity, beauty and thought-provoking content, all the time encouraging lateral thought, then the world will be a brighter place.”



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