This series of original mono-prints focuses on the heart in both biological detail as well as symbolism. They are ink-on-hand-made-paper art works, in which Watson-Thorp introduces industrial materials and juxtaposes them with the delicacy of flesh. This is reminiscent of her childhood in a rural community in the far south of Australia where the physical environment can be harsh and unforgiving and the serene landscape is scattered with machine made forms. In the detailed drawings, we see tough and inflexible steel chains and sharp impenetrable barbed wire contrasting with the soft vulnerability and strength of our deepest organ.

Watson-Thorp chose the heart as a focus because she believes we are all fighting internal battles and it is a universal challenge to come to terms with ourselves and those around us. "If we can overcome our own minds and stop over-thinking, instead acting from our intuitive centers, the world would be a better place,” she said. The medium itself is also interesting because the inks of blood red, deep magenta, ultramarine and indigo highlight the inconsistencies of the hand-made paper infused with banana leaf or bagasse – a substance that comes from sugar cane - making each piece unique.