Greetings Art Lovers!

Hello! Jessica Watson-Thorp here. I've been a professional Fine Artist for over 20 years now. After working all around the world I am now based in Melbourne, and I love it! My Commercial Art Studio is located on 26 Advantage Road, Highett in Bayside’s newest burgeoning Arts Precinct. My work is on display in a number of Galleries around the world and is available direct from my Studio too.

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Commission me

My work is inspired by personal relationships and experiences, fuelled by passion, talent and a raw energy to create! I love to work with people to develop bespoke commissions, translating your vision into a unique, lovingly-crafted bespoke piece of fine art.

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Original Art Collections

These collections are bodies of work I have created through a process unique to my style, using different techniques, materials and skill. Click through to learn more about each one and to see the full collection.

Creative Coaching

Work with me to refine your practice, build a coherent body of work, conquer the fear of starting, and even plan towards a Solo or Group Gallery Exhibition with custom support tailored to your position in the Art World right now.

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Gather friends together or a group of work colleagues; maybe for a birthday party or girls get together with bubbly and book a Private Workshop with me! Let's explore your creative self.

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This months featured collection Centre

These pieces explore feelings of belonging, both personally and collectively.

Past Exhibitions