Advantage Rd

My Commercial Art Studio is located in warehouse 26 Advantage Road, Highett in Bayside’s newest burgeoning Arts Precinct.


Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm ⎮ Saturday 10am to 4pm ⎮Sunday closed ⎮After hours appointments available by request.

The JWT Studio is open to the public daily for drop ins (pending lockdown) with dedicated Studio Tours and Commission Appointments available to find the perfect piece of contemporary art for your home or office space.


I co-manages a revamped art gallery and event space at 26 Advantage on site with my business partner Gerry Melder, together we serve both local, international artists and collectors alike, and provide a uniquely industrial space to host business and social events.

Born and raised in rural Australia, Jessica had a creative childhood. From there and into adulthood she has spent time living across many destinations and remains heavily influenced by the roots she placed amid various cultural groups. In her art she continuously explores feelings of interconnected belonging, both personally and collectively. 

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I have consciously pushed and developed my practice along a trajectory that investigates spirituality, emotion and the human condition. By offering a space for contemplation and inviting stillness, my work promotes self-enquiry, self-acceptance and ultimately tolerance of others and the vast complexity of the human experience. 

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